Get ready to do some ( FUN FISHING ) with HALIBU77 ! How to Make a PVC Rocket Cannon This is a video request for Hobie Adventure Island Anglers rigging up for the first time. The Adventure Island is huge vessel for first time lookers, but on the water you’ll agree it’s the perfect size. If your planning to fish from this vessel you should know the best way how to keep all your fishing tackle and safety equipment safe and easy to reach. Is your mind blank and you don’t know where to start? Do you want to find out how others rig their trimaran kayak ? What about car topping a Hobie Adventure Island ? Don’t sit there in the dark let me shine some light so you can get some kind of an ( IDEA ) where to start . After watching this short video come visit the Adventure Islanders site where there are AI and TI Anglers all over the world who want to know and share their set up and ideas , hummmmm? The fourth of July just past , what great timing to post this package video of idea’s. I am going to show you my first design rod holder the ( ROLL BAR ) . I made 4 different designs until I got the perfect one . Just one look you’d think it could shoot like cannons or bazookas some crazy looking stuff. This new rod holder will help secure your fishing poles, and allow you to use a medium size cooler for your extra tackle , food , or frozen bait for an all day fun fishing on the water. I took a lot of time putting this video together to benefit you and I hope
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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