Tiger Shark Caught while Kayak Fishing

WEBSITE: blacktiphfishing.org While I was trolling a live croaker, I hooked up on a huge fish. Because I was using a 60lb Fluorocarbon leader I was doubting that it was a shark. After the fish towed me over 500yds, I found out that I had hooked a tiger shark. I was shocked that he did not bite through the fluorocarbon leader. I got some great underwater footage of the shark as it was swimming right beside my kayak. GEAR USED Bait Used — Live Croaker Hook — 5/0 Owner Tournament Mutu Leader — 4ft of 60lb Fluorocarbon Reel — Daiwa Saltist 6500 Line — 30lb monofilament with 50lb braid backing Rod — Custom Barrett Rod Kayak — 8ft Emotion Spitfire Camera — GoPro Hero with Dive Housing SPONSORS: barrettrods.com ********************************************************************** RELATED VIDEOS: Double Header Tiger Shark: www.youtube.com Avet 80w Getting Smoked!: www.youtube.com Extreme Saltwater Fishing!: www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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